Youth Program

The Dominion Mixed Martial Arts Academy youth program provides an outstanding kids program that is both engaging and entertaining for kids 7-12 years of age. Far superior to a basic karate school, our kids class stays true to our history and traditions, meaning that the curriculum is a true mixed martial arts experience. Combining the basics of Jiu-Jitsu, boxing, Judo, Muay Thai and Sambo, children who take this class will get a great workout and learn real world self defense!

In addition to martial arts, the Dominion Mixed Martial Arts Academy incorporates games that teach fitness, discipline, agility and overall wellness. We strongly suggest that parents who are interested in kids karate should also look into the numerous benefits mixed martial arts provides to both kids and teenagers.

A great alternative to team sports and karate lessons for children, mixed martial arts provides numerous benefits. MMA classes will help kids focus on their mind and body, while learning to respect and fine-tune their strength and technique.

Our Youth Program Focuses on the following:

Discipline The repetitive moves, details, rhythms, class rules and protocols that are emphasized during class all aid in the development of self discipline.

Confidence—The lessons regarding self defense and restraint greatly aid in the development of confidence.

Fitness—Martial arts teaches children that staying fit can be done in an entertaining and fun manner. Stressing coordination and agility, martial arts is something that students benefit from for years. Also, martial arts is an activity that can be practiced year round—it’s independent from the seasons and places in which we live.

Motivation—Martial arts allows all students to easily track their progress via the use of colored belts, which provides a great deal of satisfaction to each and every student. They work for their own merits while developing awareness that they are directly responsible for their own actions.

Martial arts classes can help kids focus on their mind and body while learning to respect their strength and technique. These are skills that can be used for a lifetime on a daily basis.

Students in the Dominion Mixed Martial Arts youth program can train Monday-Thursday 5:15 PM and 6:00 PM in a safe and friendly training environment.

The Youth program requires the traditional BJJ uniform (gi) to participate. Dominion Mixed Martial Arts has some gis available for sale.

Our Core Values

  • Train umlimited for only $150 a month
  • Everyone and anyone can train at Dominion MMA
  • We are open everyday so you can train and learn MMA
  • Each of the coaches will work with you and make you better
  • No enrollments, no application fees, no contracts
  • All of the coaches are hand picked to teach at Dominion MMA
  • Clean, friendly training environment for the whole family
  • We have a 4.8 rating on facebook, the highest in town

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