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Dear School Owner,

Congratulations! We would like to thank you for your interest in the Dominion MMA Affiliation also referred to as Team Dominion MMA. Team Dominion MMA is quickly growing in TX. The head of the Team Dominion MMA is Coach Rodriguez. Coach Rodriguez is one of the most successful BJJ and MMA coaches in the area having trained local, regional, and national champions in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Russian Sambo, and MMA.

Team Dominion MMA is a young team which is already exceeding and delivering record breaking results! The level of innovation achieved has greatly contributed to immeasurable growth and professionalism of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Texas.

The member school is granted the exclusive right to use the Dominion MMA name on the region where it operates. The Dominion MMA Association gives the school an authorization to make use of the Dominion MMA Sports brand and trademarks under specific brand and operating rules and guidelines.

The Dominion MMA Affiliation has developed a successful business model to run A Jiu-Jitsu School/MMA academy. This model is currently in use at the main academy in Texas. The Dominion MMA business model has been tested and has delivered growth and teaching quality for hundreds of students.

Our member schools will have access to effective methods and systems through a comprehensive School Operations Manual and the Dominion MMA Instructors Handbook that covers relevant information on areas like Jiu Jitsu classes, programs and curriculum, sales programs, marketing, business planning, instructor and staff training. In addition Coach Rodriguez will visit schools once a quarter to teach a class or seminar as agreed to by school owner.

To help member schools implement the Dominion MMA Training Systems, the Dominion MMA Association offers several training activities and support geared towards the school’s staff. Since the Dominion MMA Method and System is constantly updated our support group is a great resource for ongoing assistance and coaching on how to run different aspects of our school’s operations. Dominion MMA Affiliate school owners will have many resources and tools to help insure a well organized and highly profitable academy.

Minimum Requirements

To become a part of the Dominion MMA Affiliate Program, you must comply with the set of rules and principles of good management and teaching practices established by Coach Rodriguez

  1. Monthly Fee: All Dominion MMA affiliates and Official Schools must pay a monthly fee to maintain membership benefits. (costs will be provided upon follow up interview or visit)
  2. Rank: you must be at least a blue belt to become a Dominion MMA Official School (lower ranks may be evaluated).
  3. Belt System: Every Dominion MMA BJJ School must follow the belt system from the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation.
  4. Training Uniforms: Official Dominion MMA Uniforms are required to be used by all students and instructors from Dominion MMA BJJ Schools. All Uniform Top and pants must have minimum of one Dominion MMA Patch.
  5. Seminar or Training Camp: A minimum of two seminars annually or one three day Coach Rodriguez training camp must be held by your academy.
  6. Curriculum: Follow teaching curriculum provided by Association
  7. Brand promotion: Have a web presence clearly displaying Association Affiliation.

Please email us at to receive the application to become an affiliate.

Dominion MMA
9910 W Loop 1604 N Ste 109
San Antonio, Texas 78254

Our Core Values

  • Train umlimited for only $150 a month
  • Everyone and anyone can train at Dominion MMA
  • We are open everyday so you can train and learn MMA
  • Each of the coaches will work with you and make you better
  • No enrollments, no application fees, no contracts
  • All of the coaches are hand picked to teach at Dominion MMA
  • Clean, friendly training environment for the whole family
  • We have a 4.8 rating on facebook, the highest in town

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