Dominion MMA instructors have been hand picked to teach at Dominion MMA. They are all top level instructors in their respective specialties. When the coaches are not instructing, they are always training.

Coach Rodriguez Head Coach

Coach Jerry BJJ Coach

Coach Bear Wrestling Coach

Coach Emo Muay Thai Coach

Coach Judah Kids Coach

Coach Jerry Kids Coach

Our Core Values

  • Train umlimited for only $150 a month
  • Everyone and anyone can train at Dominion MMA
  • We are open everyday so you can train and learn MMA
  • Each of the coaches will work with you and make you better
  • No enrollments, no application fees, no contracts
  • All of the coaches are hand picked to teach at Dominion MMA
  • Clean, friendly training environment for the whole family
  • We have a 4.8 rating on facebook, the highest in town

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