Be part of the fastest growing sport in the world, MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)

MMA is growing more popular among the age group of 34-50 and already a mainstay with today’s 18-34 year olds.

In today’s looming recession one of the hardest hit areas in business is advertising. As with the recession in the late 80?s when the world was consumed with Mike Tyson and boxing, everyone was buying the over priced 40-second pay per views. Today the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) is averaging over 2 million viewers for its PPV events and viewers for its cable shows are no different, nearly 3 million for the season finale.

Some of our athletes are currently training for upcoming NAGA (North American Grappling Association) Tournaments, Premier Combat Group Fights at Cowboy’s Dance Hall, Praetorian Fighting Championships in Chicago, and MatShark Tournaments in San Antonio. Our passion for the sport wants to see these athletes succeed by providing them with the equipment, leadership, knowledge, training and resources they need to make it to the next level and beyond.

Texas state law, along with many other states, requires that fighters compete and win in at least 5 amateur matches before fighting at the professional level. Amateurs do not receive prize money but must pay several hundred dollars for their pre-fight exams as well as training and nutrition expenses.

I am giving you the opportunity to join us on the ground level of this sport and advertise your business in areas you might not have thought of before. The opportunity to do it at a cost that works for you and advertise where you think it will serve you best.

MMA Sponsorship Packages

Platinum Package: $5,000 sponsorship

  • Includes large banner link to your website through the Dominion MMA website

  • Large print on our t-shirts and fighter shorts worn to events

  • Large print on our banner that will be displayed in the school and at all events we compete

  • Large print in our schedule and literature that will be in local newspapers, events we attend, and on hand at the school

  • 2 tickets to a fight that features our fighters, dates will be provided

  • Discounts on fights that feature our fighters

  • Mentioned in television, internet and newspaper interviews

  • Opportunity to appear at our Open House twice a year

  • Option to have Dominion MMA athletes to appear at 2 of your Companies events twice a year

  • 1 year free training for 2 of your employees

  • Discounts on training for your companies members and family members

  • 12 T-shirts

  • Picture of Team Dominion MMA (optional)

Premium Package: $2,500 sponsorship

  • Medium banner link to your web site

  • Medium print on T-shirts, shorts, banner and literature

  • Mentioned in television, internet and newspaper interviews

  • Discount on fight tickets that feature our fighters

  • Opportunity to appear at our Open House twice a year

  • 6 months free training for 1 member

  • Discounts for company members and family members

  • 6 T-shirts

  • Picture of team Dominion MMA (optional)

Gold Package: $1,000 sponsorship

  • Small link to website

  • Small print on T-shirts, banner and literature

  • Mentioned in newspaper interviews

  • Option to appear at our open house

  • Discounts for company and family members

  • 6 T-shirts

  • Picture of team Dominion MMA (optional)

Silver Package: $500 sponsorship

  • Small link to web site

  • Small print on T-shirts

  • Small print in literature

  • Option to appear at open house

  • Discount for 1 member or your company or family

  • 3 T-shirts

  • Picture of team Dominion MMA (optional)

Bronze Package: $250 sponsorship

  • Small print on T-shirts and literature

  • 1 T-shirt

  • Option to appear at our open house

Dominion MMA can work with your company if you do not see a sponsorship amount list above that works within your budget. Packages can be built to match your sponsorship amount.

All sponsorship, offers, packages and arrangements are good for 1 year from agreement. If you would like to discuss sponsorship please contact our academy at 210.428.6749 or via email at info@dominionma.com.

Our Core Values

  • Train umlimited for only $150 a month
  • Everyone and anyone can train at Dominion MMA
  • We are open everyday so you can train and learn MMA
  • Each of the coaches will work with you and make you better
  • No enrollments, no application fees, no contracts
  • All of the coaches are hand picked to teach at Dominion MMA
  • Clean, friendly training environment for the whole family
  • We have a 4.8 rating on facebook, the highest in town

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